Mar 24

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Mar 24

Ways To Get Your Blog Site In Front Page Without Spending Money

Ways To Get Your Blog Site In Front Page Without Spending MoneyCAM00142


For years I’ve tried and learned how to build websites and how to get in front page of Google and every time I get closer bam! I have to start all over again, I have also spent money with companies that promise front page and also paid for people to back link my blog and after spending hounded if not thousands “I’m still not seeing the click that I expected” until now and the funny thing is that I didn’t have to spend a dime…

How I changed form my ways to get my blog site in front page without spending money

Step 1

A very good website name:

I first thought of a good idea on what type of website I was going to open like health so I started to thing of names that would work for the sight I thought of and also but before I paid for the name I check with google keywords to see how many people search for those words.  Simple Ways To Better Health was getting around 15,000 searches per month, it wasn’t the greatest but I liked how it sound and I knew that people that looked up those words where looking for health ideas so the traffic was very good quality.   So the name of your site should be a very good one and that people are searching.

Step 2

Back Link Your Site With social media like Facebook or Twitter

I like using Word Press but you can use any type of format that you what.  Once you have set up your website it’s very important that you back link it to Facebook or Twitter.  That is one of the reasons that I like AIOP because they give you web training on how to setup Facebook to your site.  You can go to Youtube and find videos on how to set up your site to social media like Facebook or Twitter.  This is a lot of work but very much worth it.

Step 3

Now It’s Time To Get Your Blog Site In Front Page Without Spending Money:

Now it’s time to start blogging or writing content into your site, if it’s a blog people talk about having massive traffic after they blog 100 pages but you will start seeing traffic very quick if you have a good website name.  Make sure that you use good keywords on your blog or try do use new ideas that most people don’t use, both will help you rank very high.  Highly recommended is that you type 300 words or more. Another good practice is to add pictures of videos to your blog or website.

Thank you for reading and good luck!

Mar 22

How To Turn Blog’s Into Cash

Top Blogger Arianna Huffington Daily Income is $29,896 making $21.82 million per year for blogging online,  If she can do it then you can too.  Turning Blog’s Into Cash takes time and effort and once you build your site up you will see overnight wealth form any part of the world that you wish to live.

Every day people are always looking for new and different idea’s to read about and you just mite be the only person in the world that talks about that subject and as that person reads what you blogged about you are able to show off your opportunities or adds that pay you money for clicking to their site.  Blogging can be fun and exciting thing that pays you very good money from home,  I would like to think of it as a way to show the world my other side and what I like to talk about…

If your looking to make money blogging I believe that it’s not as hard as people make it out to be, you just need to know some of the key element’s that help you get in front page of google, understand how to build a site also what to blog about to build an audience.  One of my sites for example is  I love to talk openly about new ideas concerning our health that most people don’t know about and if you look on the side of my site you will see that I have two different ads one is a health supplement company where I buy very powerful vitamins that I like and the other is from that pays me every time someone buys something.  There may ways to make money from your blogs

Google AdWords:  Google pays you every time someone clicks on their ads that you put on your sites.